The Easiest and Smartest Ways to Make Your Home More Efficient

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Want to make your home a bit more comfortable and save money all at the same time? Making smaller, more manageable changes can help with energy savings that are worth the time and make your home energy-efficient. Read on for a few easy tips for doing just that in your new home!

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Modern Technologies in your New Home

The benefit of building new is that modern technology and building methods are applied in new construction.  Local building codes adopted that many times mandate the use of best practices. Further, in the permitting and inspection processes double checks are provided that thess practices are being implemented.  Things like energy, insulation, air infiltration, air and fire stop and fire suppression, and so much more are incorporated into your new home.  Then you have the benefit of best available technology being applied to your mechanical systems which are also warranted. 

Adjusting the Thermostat

When leaving your home, adjust the thermostat up or down by a handful of degrees. Turn it down during the winter and up in the summer. This can make all the difference in the amount of energy your home ends up using. Programmable Thermostats offer the opportunity to increase and lower temperatures throughout the day even when you are sleeping or not home.

Ceiling Fans

Running ceiling fans is a small amount compared to the cost of using your home’s central air or air condition units. Use the ceiling fans to help cool off your rooms for warmer days, saving the A/C for the warmer and more unbearable days.  Building a new J. A. Myers Home provides the opportunity to place ceiling fans where ever you wish or to rough in locations electrically for future installation.

Change Your HVAC Unit’s Filters

Clean filters mean better energy efficiency. Clogged or filthy air filters can cause your HVAC system to work a lot harder. Changing the filters every three to four months can save you plenty of cash on your energy bills.

Best Available Technology in Windows

Today’s lates technology provides for windows with multiple panes of glass and in some instances gas between the panes designed to increase energy efficiency.  These technologies encourage additional heat from the sun in the winter time and less heat penetration from the sun in the summer time.

LED Lighting

Consider swapping out your lightbulbs for LED lights. These bulbs use a lot less energy than any incandescent bulbs. Also, take note of your light bulb wattage that you’re using in every room. If you do not need or want a brightly lit room, consider using a lower-wattage LED bulb to save yourself energy.

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