New Home Building Industry Trends to Watch For in 2024

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Planning a serious home building or renovation project could often lead to being a bit overwhelmed, but one good way to narrow down your choices is by taking a look and what is trending currently. Whether you are looking for the right color to paint your room or want to explore which renovation and home building trends are on the rise, assessing what is currently “in” is a great way to guide your own 2024 home building plans. Read on to learn more!

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Financing Options in Building a New Home

In a market like we recently experienced where interest rates increased, many home buyers decided to sit on the sidelines.  As quick as rates increased, they turned and decreased.  Along with that were creative means of financing your home.  You’ll find an array of financing options in building new that may not be readily available when purchasing an existing home.  These include temporary interest rate buydowns, adjustable rate mortgages, utilization of large J.A. Myers Homes contribution to closing costs to permanently buy down your interest rate.  Finally, there is construction-perm financing programs that have multiple benefits.  Take advantage of J.A. Myers Homes approved lenders and you’ll see that now is a great time to build a new home.

Low Inventory of Homes Available for Sale 

You’ve heard that the stock of homes is historically low.  This forces buyers in the market to compete with multiple contracts on a property you decide to pursue.  At J.A Myers Homes, we made a conscious move to address this inventory problem.  Visit one of our communities and you’ll find dozens of homes under construction to choose from.  There is no need to struggle to find a home of compete.  Better yet, these homes come with move-in- incentives.  Visit for more information.

One-Story Home Designs and First Floor Bedrooms Space 

For anyone looking to build new homes in 2024, we at J.A. Myers Homes has noticed a shift in preferred layouts. One-story, ranch-style homes are now on the rise, and this shift is probably due to convenience and flexibility in the future. While previous one-story homes may have felt darker or lacking in space, 2024 trends are pointing towards more windows, open floorplans, and high ceilings. Some needs include bedroom space on multiple levels including the main living level.  These are homes with the primary or owners bedroom on the entry level and alternate bedroom space on the second level.  At J.A. Myers have plenty of one story homes and first floor owners suites in most of our home communities, so give us a call if you’re interested!

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J.A. Myers Homes stands as a beacon of innovation, commitment, and inspiration in the homebuilding industry. With move-in ready homes and a dedication to building your dream home in one of our communities or on your own land, we are prepared to help. We’re dedicated to serving customers in Hanover, Gettysburg, Stewartstown, Dover, York County, Adams County, and Carroll County!Visit our website, reach us at 1.800.368.9990, or check us out on FacebookX (formerly Twitter), InstagramLinkedinPinterestYouTube, or Houzz

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