How to Buy A New Home

Before you decide to buy a new home or a charming existing one, consider the following...

This debate can be narrowed down to two fundamental preferences:

 Some people adore the look and feel of a new property while others prefer properties with a history. Regardless of your preference, it is important to appreciate that each option has pros and cons...

Why People Prefer New Homes

  • To engage with new features
  • To minimize maintenance costs
  • To customize the home before completion
  • To live in a newly developed area with modern homes
  • To have assurance on compliance with modern regulation and standards

Why People Prefer Existing Homes

According to recent surveys, twice as many people prefer to buy a new home. Although it may seem like new construction provides more freedom than an existing home, there are additional factors to consider.

  • To engage with traditional features and history
  • To pay less for the home
  • To live in an established neighborhood
  • To have the chance to undertake remodeling and improvement projects

Determine What’s Standard and What’s Extra

Buying in a new construction offers you the opportunity to customize some features of the new construction. Using the builder’s feature sheet, you can make requests for upgrades you would like included.

After deciding on a home of your choice, independent home inspection will protect yourself from costly future repairs. Additionally, ensure that you only work with a reputable builder with a proven track record.

For close to four decades, J.A. Myers Homes has provided unparalleled quality homes for more than 7,000 families and individuals across Pennsylvania. We are committed to helping you make a visionary investment in a new home that caters for all your needs and preferences. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings.

Research the Builder and Neighborhoods

A local buyer’s agent will offer invaluable help in this process. Additionally, make a point to do your own research. Here's how:

  • Driving by the neighborhood to inspect amenities
  • Visiting model houses constructed by the builder
  • Inquiring about potential homeowners association memberships, rules and fees
  • Inquiring about the reputation of the builder from the community

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