What Exactly is a Quick Move-In New Home?

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In the quick-moving of real estate, where time is usually of the essence, the allure of quick move-in homes is almost undeniable. These ready-built new homes offer a solution for homeowners that are looking for convenience, efficiency, and a quick transition into their new home. We at J.A. Myers understand the nature of the real estate market over the last few years. Not only has the resale market become competitive, but bidding wars have a few buyers feeling frustrated and stepping out of the market temporarily. As a new home builder, a lot of buyers in the market for a new house understand J. A. Myers Homes has the reputation to provide different new construction communities all across southern Pennsylvania. In our communities, buyers can come to the sites, pick their floor plans, and get the ball rolling on the home building and buying process. Read on to learn all about quick move-in homes!

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The Basics of a Quick Move-In Home

A quick move-in home is a floorplan and home site that is carefully picked by our team within our own home communities. The selection process hinges on two crucial factors: the popularity of the floorplan itself and the inclusion of a few of our most frequently requested amenities and upgrades. Quick move-in homes are usually the result of unsold lots in a community or previous model home used for possible buyers to walk through. Our quick move-in homes have various features that our customers love, so consider visiting one of our home communities spanning across southern Pennsylvania to see them!

Why Pick a Quick Move-In Homes Over New Construction Homes?

Picking a quick move-in home over new construction offers all kinds of distinct advantages. Below are a few.

Simplified Convenience and Timing Factors

When looking for a new home, timing could mean so much. Usually, individuals have time constraints, or they’re excited to settle into a new environment correctly, which is why quick move-in homes offer a remarkably seamless solution. As an option to going through a 6-month process to build new, quick move-in homes help cater to the desire for immediacy, which provides buyers with the satisfaction of immediately stepping foot into their new home. This instant gratification particularly appeals to those relocating due to job changes, family reasons, and other time-sensitive life circumstances.


From a financial perspective, quick move-in homes can also be an intelligent choice. Buyers can save money in the long term by eliminating the requirement for interim housing or other extended rental periods. Also, avoiding the costs associated with ongoing construction can help contribute to a much more predictable and manageable budget.

For Any Home Building Needs, Contact J.A. Myers Today!

J.A. Myers Homes stands as a beacon of innovation, commitment, and inspiration in the homebuilding industry. With move-in ready homes and a dedication to building your dream home in one of our communities or on your own land, we are prepared to help. We’re dedicated to serving customers in Hanover, Gettysburg, Stewartstown, Dover, York County, Adams County, and Carroll County!Visit our website, reach us at 1.800.368.9990, or check us out on FacebookX (formerly Twitter), InstagramLinkedinPinterestYouTube, or Houzz

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