The Best Custom Home Design Tips

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The basic elements of design and the existing trends within custom home designs. We at J.A. Myers have award-winning designs that infuse life and creativity into our custom homes, allowing you to visualize life within a home’s floor plan. Simply visit our Floor Plans page on the website to explore over 30 unique architectural designs. To learn about some of the best custom home design tips before buying a house, you’re in the right place. Read on to learn more!

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What Are the Essential Elements of Design?

The basic design elements are color, space, shape, form, value, line, and texture. While designing a model home, we take each element into consideration and think of it as a balancing act. There must be cohesiveness throughout your space; touching on every element makes the space feel inviting.

How to Approach Negative Space in a Custom Home Room Design

In interior design, the negative space could have a practical value for directing you through a space, but it also has a lot more of an impact than just that. The areas of a room where there is an absence are just as crucial as areas with objects and furniture. Negative space allows you to showcase the chosen pieces clearly while creating a harmonious feeling.

What is the Golden Ratio, and How Does It Work with Interior Design?

The golden ratio has been found to account for everything from the proportions of the human body to patterns in architecture. While using the golden ratio within design, things appear a lot more balanced and pleasing aesthetically. In your space, you can think of it as the 60-30-10 rule. In space planning, you should aim to cover about 60 percent of the floor area in your room with furnishings. The rest would ultimately be negative space and accent. It also applies to balancing proportions with accessories, art, paint, and even patterns in space. When furnishing a room in a custom home, pick one pattern for 60% of the surfaces, pick another pattern for 30% of the surfaces, and 10% for something bold for accents. The end goal is to create a space that feels perfectly balanced, and with the golden ratio in each aspect of your design, your new construction custom home will feel warm and welcoming!

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