Incredible Ways to Incorporate Nature into Your Home Design  

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Nature has always been a huge inspiration for plenty of interior designers and home builders. It is the core essence of who we are as human beings on planet Earth. Nature can help us feel better emotionally like by boosting our immune system, lowering our blood pressure, improving our ability to focus, and more. So naturally, we like to incorporate plants into our lives, specifically our home designs. Read on for a handful of ways to incorporate nature into your home design!

Outdoor Plantings and Hardscape

Consider many options to extend your indoor space to the outdoors.  When building new with J.A. Myers Homes we work with you to design your flow to lead outside to an oasis.  That may include a deck, blue stone patio, stamped concrete patio, outdoor kitchen and much more.  When building new the process includes valuable consideration of how you can maximize enjoyment of your outdoors.  Of course, landscaping is an important component. Your concept is like a blank canvas. 

Decorating with House Plants

Plants are some of the most obvious ways you can bring nature into your home design, but there are also health benefits that go along with them. Not only will you have more greenery in your home, but you can also have plants that are purifying and cleaning the air inside. Home designers recommend putting plants in each room of the house. Just be mindful of the kinds of plants you pick and the amount of sunlight that they will require. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make your home feel more in tune with nature.

Create an Indoor Garden

There is a great way to add more greenery to your home while also having fresh herbs that could keep you healthy and add tasty flavors to your cooking all year round. Consider placing herb pots throughout your kitchen. Just remember that for herbs to grow well inside, they have to receive as much sunlight as possible. Try placing them in a sunny area where they can receive at least four hours of sunlight daily. Try placing them in windows facing south or southwest. The smartest alternative is windows facing east or west.

Large Windows

Speaking of windows, incorporating large windows into your home design is the perfect way to allow your plants to grow. By installing large windows in your living room, kitchen, or sunroom, you are allowing sunlight and fresh air inside of your home. This is perfect for the different plants that you’ve placed all around your home and is also an added health benefit for you and your family. Our team of home builders at J.A. Myers can install windows from a variety of sizes to help you connect with nature in your home as best as possible.

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