How to Maximize Space in Your Newly Built Custom Home

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Space is the most valuable commodity within your custom home. So, how exactly will you go about maximizing each room in the best way possible? At J.A. Myers Homes have strategies to help you maximize the space in your custom home in the best way possible! From multi-functional rooms to other innovative storage solutions, there are plenty of ways to maximize space correctly in your custom home. Read on to learn more!

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The Impact of Multi-Functional Rooms with Open Floorplan Concepts

Designing  organized multi-functional space in your home is critical. A benefit of multi-functional space includes increased use or multiple use of the same space. Multi-functional room layouts provides lines of sight that make modest space seem much larger than it actually is. There is also improved comfort with building a multi-functional space. Removing clutter to create multi-functional rooms can improve your comfort and enhance your mood by letting you gain control over your entire environment. When you design the multipurpose room correctly, you will have additional lounge space to spread out and participate in relaxing activities you’d enjoy the most.

Utilize Vertical Space in Your Custom Home’s Kitchen

The kitchen in your custom home should have plenty of cabinet and drawer space to use. Remember to utilize the walls and ceilings too. They are ideal spaces for both storage and organization. The use of higher ceilings that can be 1 to 2 feet higher than in typical existing homes increases functional vertical space. At J.A. Myers Homes, we are the Builder of Choices.  What that means is you have the opportunity to incorporate modern kitchen layouts and cabinetry in your home for beautiful flow and functionally. 

Make the Most of Your Custom Home Bedrooms

Bedrooms are the place of refuge, and needs for space is different in every instance.  At J.A. Myers Homes you have the choice of dozens of architectural designs to meet your needs.  On top of that adjustments to space are welcome to even better manipulate space. 

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