How to Embrace the Outdoors with Your Custom Home Design

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Spring has arrived, and that means warmer weather is upon us. For new custom homeowners, embracing the outdoors has never been more relevant. With J.A. Myers Homes, you can blend both your indoor living spaces with the beauty of the natural world outside, too. From decks to patios to beautiful gardens, outdoor living spaces are a lot more than just an extension of your home, they are a haven for relaxation, recharging and creating memories. Read on to learn more!

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Why Pick Outdoor Living from J.A. Myers?

There are many reasons to pick outdoor living designs from J.A. Myers. A few aspects to consider include:

Cozy Patio Oasis

Picture a quiet and intimate patio, furnished with plush seating and cushions, all complemented by soft lighting from string lights and lanterns. Add a bit of green with some potted plants and garden beds to help elevate the ambiance.

Large Deck for Hosting

Picture a large, sprawling deck for hosting guests. Think of an outdoor kitchen complete with a countertop, grill, and bar seats. As the evening begins to set in, a fire pit or fireplace to help keep conversations warm and comfortable, too.

A Quiet Garden Retreat

Wander around a lush garden with meandering pathways, diverse flora, and a centerpiece such as a sculpture or fountain. Hidden seating spots offer many moments of reflection and solitude.

Adventure in Your Custom Home Backyard

When building your new home, the blank canvas of your home site affords possibilities like an outdoor kitchen or fireplace, backyard with a zip line, a small golf green, a treehouse for the kids to play in and so much more. A multi-purpose sports court could host different games, while a picnic spot becomes your family’s ideal dining area.  Your design and house orientation permits you to choose the lot that allows for future appointments and amenities. 

Each home by J.A. Myers is a testament to our commitment to detail, quality, and your unique lifestyle. Our outdoor living spaces will improve social interactions and promote a space for mental well-being, fostering a connection with nature. To learn more about our move-in ready home communities in southern Pennsylvania, give us a call today!

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