Helpful Tips for Downsizing to a Smaller Well Designed New Home 

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Moving into a smaller home usually symbolizes a fresh start and new beginnings. Maybe you’ve decided to live more simply and reduce your expenses and clutter. Maybe you are an empty nester who needs less space now that your family size living at home has decreased.  You may be seeking less square footage to manage and clean. Read on for our best tips for downsizing to a smaller but more efficient design!

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How to Properly Downsize to Move into a Smaller Home 

  • Start preparing early: as soon as you know that downsizing is a real possibility, you can start the process of reducing all of your belongings. Be thoughtful about new items that you are bringing into your house and make a plan for donating or selling items you know you will not need in your new single-story house in Pennsylvania. 
  • Prioritize what is important: items that you use regularly and have sentimental value should definitely go on your “keep” list. Assess the duplicate items and other things that could be outdated or no longer used. 
  • Measure the new space: Make sure you’re only taking items to your new single-story house in Pennsylvania that will make sense in your space. Check the floor plans and take measurements to ensure the furniture you’re moving will be functional in your house. You can visit a J. A. Myers decorated model in almost every community to get an accurate sense of space.
  • Digitize and declutter your paperwork: Documents, bills, and other papers could accumulate over the years. Shred paperwork that isn’t needed and scan important documents you need to keep to save on your space. 
  • Embrace minimalism: this is a great time for a shift in mindset! Keep your items that make you happy or serve a purpose. Otherwise, it is time to kiss them goodbye. 

Downsizing is a great chance to simplify your life, reduce all clutter, and prioritize what is truly important to you. If you are ready to explore living in a smaller home, consider J.A. Myers and our single-family homes!

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