Tony & Dana Laughman 


My husband Tony and I just wanted to thank you for making some recent repairs to our home. We had purchased a home that is almost 5 years old on Grandview Road in October ’07. Upon moving in, we immediately noticed some water damage around one of the windows in the front of the hours. Apparently the owners had known of this but didn’t make the repair themselves. My husband contacted you and the water leak was promptly addressed and repaired. In addition to the leak being repaired, the stone on the front of the house was also sealed to prevent any further issues from occurring. Thank you very much for your quick response, timely repair of the window, and for going above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction (even on a home that was not new construction.) Every employee that we encountered seemed very professional and eager to help. When we purchased the home, my husband and I were very hesitant to purchase from a larger building company like yours. We felt that because you built so many homes a year that customer service might not be such a top priority due to the large volume of sales/construction etc. done per year. We were definitely proved wrong. You did not have to address the window leak of our now-five-year-old home, certainly not free of charge. We would definitely not hesitate to do business with your company again. Thanks so much for everything.

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