Tom & Carol Ostrowski 


Once my husband and I decided to relocate over 600 miles away (to be closer to a couple of our children) we knew it would not be easy deciding on a builder to build our “retirement home.” Everything became so much easier when we came upon High Pointe in Hanover, PA. We met and spoke with Patti Harris who was so very helpful and knowledgeable regarding each of the J. A. Myers Homes plans. What really settled us on a J. A. Myers Home was another visit to High Pointe. Mr. Joseph Myers came by and actually answered many of our questions. (After building four previous homes, we found that a “hands on” builder builds a better home than one who never is at the development.) This thinking proved correct. To this day, Mr. Myers knows how our home is progressing and gives us information on it every month when we come to Hanover. He knows every home that is being built and is proud of them all! One adage that we have here is “Good business owners surround themselves with good people.” This really describes J. A. Myers Homes. The day we went into the office to make selections regarding the building of our home, we met so many wonderful people. Rob helped us with the actual design of the house. He made any changes we asked for, and to this date, every change has been followed. Lisa was the color coordinator. She was so helpful and patient when we were undecided between two or three choices. Rose, we call “The Banker.” She knows where we are financially and tries to keep us on track. Shonna is the project manager and keeps things moving along. Sandy and Lindy are the first people we see upon entering the office. Their smiles and great attitudes are perfect for welcoming us and anyone else who comes in. When we are ready to leave the office, Rose calls Scott, the foreman. He always opens our house for us so we can see the progress being made on it and answers any questions we may have after walking through the house. We know we have met other wonderful employees of J.A. Myers Homes and feel badly that we are omitting their names. However, we do want to tell you how pleased we are with everyone we have come in contact with and are very happy that we decided on a J. A. Myers Home. P.S. Actually, I started running builders and their modes off the internet a good two years ago. Every time we were out in Pennsylvania, we trudged over to another development. It wasn’t until we saw Patriot’s Choice (in Gettysburg) that we found the house that was perfect for us. Unfortunately, Patriot’s Choice was further than we wanted to be from our daughter. Needless to say, when we accidentally found J. A. Myers Homes building in Hanover, PA we were ecstatic!

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