Robert & Emily Brown 


ROBERT AND EMILY BROWN’S HOME AND BASEMENT Robert and Emily Brown had J. A. Myers build their specious two story home. They opted to finish the full basement at a later date, but had the J. A. Myers crew dig out a deeper foundation so the ceilings in the basement could finish out at 8 feet. This bit of forethought and planning on the Brown’s part has resulted in a spacious and comfortable lower level that includes a generously sized TV/playroom, a full bath, and a craft room designated as “Mom’s Room” (where Mrs. Brown houses her stamping supplies.) The area also includes two very spacious and cleverly-placed closets for games and toys, which also conceal the load-bearing lally columns that support the upper levels of the home. These resourceful home owners managed to save some unfinished basement space for storage and cleverly included a utility sink with hot and cold running water from the basement’s bathroom pipes. This provides a place for quick cleanups without the need to track through the upstairs living area. Someday Mr. Brown hopes to turn this area into his workshop. Mr. and Mrs. Brown credit the success of their basement family rooms to the opportunities Ben Myers gave them to sit and talk about what they wanted. They also appreciated the work of Mike Jacobs, job foreman, who worked with Ben to fulfill as many of the Brown’s wishes as possible. Robert and Emily Brown tell us they were very pleased with the price of their home. They chose J. A. Myers Homes after comparing quality and value with other builders in their area. “Ben and J. A. Myers Homes gave us the best deal for our money, hands down!” says happy homeowner, Robert Brown! CAROLYN BROWN’S BATHROOM Carolyn Brown lives in a beautiful old farmhouse, surrounded by gently-rolling land and gorgeous old trees. Earlier in life, she and her husband worked side by side in the fields during the summer months and renovated the cozy old house (one room at a time) during the winters. They also raised a fine family, who still live “on the farm”…each on their own plot of land! Carolyn is a vivacious, sharp-witted person who, in spite of a recent stroke, still maintains her independence and spends time potting, planting and pruning her gorgeous collection of house plants. After her stroke, she found she didn’t feel comfortable in her bathroom shower. Standing for long periods of time took its toll on her aging muscles and she became concerned about slipping or losing her balance while bathing. Many builders and contractors came, looked and gave her plans and pricing. “The quotes were way out of my budget,” she says. “ Some of the plans required the removal of interior walls, which in such an old house, was not a wise move in my estimation.” When her son suggested she contact Ben Myers at J. A. Myers Homes, about the renovation, she was unsure that the Myers builders would want to undertake a small renovation like hers. To her delight, Ben Myers, himself, visited her…took a look at the existing bathroom, and devised a plan that was perfect for her needs. Carolyn Brown is, today, one happy lady! She’s in love with her safe, useful and accessible bath and walk-in shower with its built-in tiled seat! She is also impressed with Ben Myers and his crew, who fashioned the perfect solution to her situation without moving walls or “breaking the bank!” She calls the room her “indoor outhouse!” Her family has helped her decorate the walls and windows with outhouse pictures and “what-nots” that give her joy whenever she steps into the room. Mrs. Brown is a fun-loving, happy woman…made happier still by the caring, sensible service and attention of Ben Myers and the J. A. Myers fine family of craftsmen!

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