Dick Lembitz

“I’m most impressed with J. A. Myers for their quality and attention to detail. Many of my wishes were ‘standard’ in my villa!”


Why did you choose a J. A. Myers Villa?
It was so easy! I could choose what I wanted! The whole process was fun! How could buying a new home be “all fun?” I knew what I liked and wanted. Amazingly, many of the things I wanted were already standards in a J. A. Myers villa! This was not the case with other homes and builders.

What do you like most about the Villas and Jackson Heights?
I’m in the country, yet convenient to shopping, towns and cities and major routes to almost anywhere. I love the sense of solitude. It’s an active,vibrant community; but not too active. Some communities want you to be a part of everything. Here, we’ve all introduced ourselves and converse, but give ourselves plenty of “space!”

How’s the grounds keeping service?
It’s one of the best features of living in the villas! I can watch them do the job…and they do it well…but I don’t have to help! Everything always looks nice. Best part: we can still putter around in the flower beds, and on porches and patios.

What impresses you most about J. A. Myers Homes?
Their quality. Their attention to detail. They are very easy to work with. I wanted a tankless hot water heater…I paid for the upgrade and they installed it perfectly…no problem. They are easy to work with. Your questions are answered…alternate ideas might be given…but ultimately it was all about WHAT I WANTED! IT WAS ALL ABOUT ME!