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Building New Homes and Neighborhoods SINCE 1973

Kristin Model Interior - Hanover, PA - JA Myers Homes

Kristin Model Home Interior

Being a “local builder” carries a lot of responsibility in the community. A local builder is destined to see the people who live in his homes at the grocery store, a restaurant, the post office or the gas station. So the job they do must be done right and they need to be available with neighborly, professional follow-up and concern. J.A. Myers Homes has been building not just homes, but entire communities in the Hanover-York-Gettysburg area since 1973. Within the last 10 years, areas in Franklin County, PA and Carroll County, MD have been added to the ever-growing location list of communities.
Why has J.A. Myers Homes grown and succeeded?…

Because the entire staff “delights” in helping their clients get a home that is “completely their own!” Some builders say “no changes to the floor plan or the interior or exterior construction.” Myers, on the other hand, says, “Go ahead, dream…create…change…upgrade! If the buyer’s wishes prove structurally sound and are within the budget, J. A. Myers Homes will happily help them achieve the home that is perfect for them.
J.A. Myers Homes is known as “The Builder of Choices,” because every home they construct is “stick built” from the foundation to the roof shingles. Even before the ground breaking, the Myers team has met several times with the prospective homeowner to decide whether the home will be built in a Myers neighborhood or on private property. They will also choose the preferred exterior and interior building products and make any changes or additions to the standard floor plan. Some of the applicable changes would be the addition of fireplaces, a sunroom, a finished basement or an extended garage.
Clearly the prospective homeowner is part of the process from start to finish; and will talk with the builder often as construction progresses.
J.A. Myers has earned a reputation for building a safe, strong home…and has built nearly 7000 such homes in York, Adams, Franklin and Carroll Counties over the last four decades.
When choosing a builder, remember that J.A. Myers offers more! More community locations or the option to have Myers’s expert crews build your home on land you own elsewhere.
More home styles and floor plans, more interior and exterior choices, more safety and strength features, and…more time to listen to YOUR dreams and actually deliver the home you really want.
Last, but not least, a J.A. Myers home is covered by a 10 year QBW warranty which includes a pre-settlement inspection and orientation, a one-year Builder’s warranty on parts and labor, and 24 hour emergency service. Excellence in homebuilding…attention to YOUR choices…superior customer service. That has been the J. A. Myers Quality and Service commitment since 1973, Speak to a home builder sales professional today by calling 717-632-9406 or by contacting us here.


We make it simple…and more fun than you’d ever think it could be!


Use the J.A. Myers Homes website right here to learn about our current neighborhoods. Decide which neighborhoods you’d like to visit, and check out the available homesites on the convenient site plan that accompanies each neighborhood page. Next, click the Models in the navigation bar and enjoy looking at more than 50 models and floor plans to find your favorites!


Call J.A. Myers Homes at 800.368.9990 or Contact Us to generate a response from a J.A. Myers salesperson. Please note: ALL J.A. Myers sales agents are licensed realtors! They not only “know” the building process and features of the homes…they also know the law!


Schedule an appointment to meet with a sales agent who will tell you more about the buying/building process and discuss locations, size, style, price and your preferred move-in date! We will also gather information concerning your budget and your financial status. We’ll need to know if you’ll be selling your current home and whether you have a down payment or if you will require 100% financing. We will also ask for your bank or lending institution preference and possibly suggest other financing options that are currently available.


At J.A. Myers Homes the Power of Unlimited is in YOUR hands! This means you have unlimited choices and options to build YOUR home YOUR way! We help guide you through the process so you can build the home of your dreams your way. From ideas on a napkin to your very own sketch (or whether it’s one of our model homes) you and your sales agent will look at the plan for traffic patterns, storage spaces, accessibility and talk about any options you desire to add. Any J.A. Myers Homes model can be altered to your specifications as long as it fits your budget and will not interfere with the structural integrity of the house.  


Your agent will now submit your information to the builder, and obtain a quote. You will then present the quote to your financial institution. Upon approval for financing…you’re ready to begin your dream!


With final plans and financing ready, it’ll be time to “break ground” and pour the foundation. As building progresses, you may schedule “walk-throughs” and meet with your agent and construction supervisors to discuss preferences and progress timelines.
A home can usually be completed in about 120-180 days, depending on the size, style, options, landscaping, or whether it’s a move-in-ready home which can be done in about 60 days. Weather conditions or other natural occurrences could cause delays, but usually J.A. Myers’s experienced crews can keep these delays to a minimum. Sidewalks, walkways and driveways and seeded lawns are all part of the J.A. Myers building process. Landscaping and planting can also be part of the contract, if you wish. In every way, J.A. Myers Homes will work WITH you to achieve the home YOU have always WANTED!